Bird blog

Here you will occasionally find updates about my bird adventures with the sparrows

GCSP perching11/18/2014: I went to the Arboretum today to search for flocks (groups) of banded sparrows. Overall, I only saw about 15 banded birds in total.  It was a quiet day, hardly any of the birds were singing –and with good reason!  There were lots of predators around: a Cooper’s hawk, red-tailed hawks, and an American Kestrel. The Cooper’s hawk is perhaps the sparrows’ biggest arch-enemy.  This hawk may look small to humans but is a bird killing machine.  I have been seeing this particular Cooper’s hawk perched on many of the eucalyptus located at the Arboretum, using these high perches to scour around for potential prey.  While I do love all birds (even pigeons), Cooper’s hawks have to eat, I just hope that this one doesn’t devour my study species!



Here’s a photo I took of the Cooper’s hawk hanging around the Arboretum today.

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